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Avtari Purush and his Special Divine Qualities

Avtari Purush and his Special Divine Qualities

Keeping the lord almighty witness to my statement, it is must to explain that the origin of this beautiful and graceful world or we can say origin of life on the Earth is Natural and self disciplined, and governed by,” Lord Almighty Himself”, but no one can see ”Him”. None of the creature on this Earth, with a Mortal body, has no right to call himself Almighty (God). But Lord Almighty Himself select some, ”Avtari Purush”, to bless him with his divine power, as Shire Lord Krishna in Dawaper-Yuga  and Shree Rama Chandra in Treta-Yuga and this happened only once upon a time after long time of Periods and these Avtari Purusha’s are still their in this Universe in their divine forms. Whenever evils and sins increase on this Earth, a Divine Purush incarnated on the Earth so as to destruct all the evils creatures and construct the Religion, Truth and peace again and again. These divine persons look like other common people, but they are introvert and filled with divine qualities. They are peaceful and generous in Nature and there is always a Super Natural Aura around them which we can feel only.
You will find that there is no difference between a religious person, spiritual person, Yogi Purush and an Avtari Purush, in this physical world. All seems equal in their physical forms of Natural bodies and also have same physical and spiritual qualities in their lives. But in fact there are some different special divine qualities which are blessed to an Avtari Purush as a gift by God, in his life, after a long time devotional practice in Yoga, and having firmly faith in God with a great spiritual experience, by deeply meditation, with thoughtless and stable mind to go in the inner world and due to the personal realization of divine powers and emotional activities of the Supreme soul,”God” in his internal and external Universe, which are mentioned below: 
1.       You can realized a special divine power of “Aadi-Shakti,”situated at our, Moola-Adhara.
2.       You can realize a special divine power Kyrya in our body,”Kundalani-Bodh”.
3.       You can realized Nabhee-Chakra, here you find a very beautiful,” Braham-Kamala”.
4.       You can realize a,”Hridaya-Kamala”.
5.       You can realized a very beautiful,”Sahastra-Kamala”in your inner world, here you can realize all divine emotional activities of Supreme soul,”God”.
6.       You can realize all kind of Planet, beautiful brilliant Stars and Akash-Ganga emotionally in our internal Universe.
7.       You can realize so many Lokas as Vishnu-Loka, Ander-Dev-Loka, and Dharma-Raja-Loka, extras.
8.       You can realized a very beautiful,”Param-Dham”or a very peaceful Dham and you find there all divine Roof of the Diva Mahapurusha, Mahatmana,Yogi-Purusha.
9.       You can realized a very important divine emotional activities,”Turiya”the great Divine Souls in the form of there pasture life in your inner world and also in the internal Universe.
10.    You can realize a divine activity of the power in your internal and external universe through,”Akasha-Bhedana-Kriya”.    
11.     You can realize a very beautiful Divine power, Eggala-Piggala” circulating right and left as a”Manthana-Kriya”in the shape of small Fish around the main power,”Moola-Adhara”, And " SHUSMANA " a divine power which closed us with Pra- Dham's realization as pasture divine Souls and helps us to crossed in Bhav-Saggera divinely.
12.    An Avtari Purush is a supper blesser of God. First of all he is blessed with “Divine light.”
13.    He is blessed with,”Divine-Eyes.”
14.     He is blessed with a divine power of knowledge,”Viveka,”or you can say,”Brahama-Vidya”.
15.    He is blessed with a great divine power, ”Ring” a very important divine power, a controlling divine power  all of the internal Universe and external Universe.
16.    With the help of all these divine powers,he devolped more in his life and in the mean time he
may be success prayerly in obtaining the most important divine power blessing by God a power of "Sudarshana-Chakra", a divine power of ,”Vijay-Shree”.
17.    Now he is blessed with special Divine body a body of,”Kaarana-Sharira”,like a brilliant Star in the internal divine Universe the supreme soul,”Diamond”.
18.    He is blessed with a divine body,”Adhi-Deva”, Chetanna Sharira, a body of the Dev- Purush.
19.    He is blessed with a divine body,”Sookshama,”a body built with Natural virtues.
20.    He is blessed with a beautiful divine body,”Mumuksha”stable in a beautiful,”Braham-Kamala”  right in the center of ”Nabhee-Chakra”.
21.    He is also blessed with this Natural divine body, “Sthul-Sharira” in this physical world.
When you find all these special divine qualities spritually in any one of the personal, internal and external Universe in this physical world, then you can called him an Avtari Purush on the earth in the world and He may be known as an Avtari Purush in the Universe also.

Super blesser of God,
Das Anudas Rohtas.

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