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Why it is said that Lord Krishna is an Avatari but not an Avatar?

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Question:- Why it is said that Lord Krishna is an Avtari but not an Avatar ?

Answer by Rohtas:---

                      * Om Namo Narayana * 

           Because Lord Shri Krishna himself was the incarnation of Adhi Ishwar Lord God, Narayan in Dawapar-Yuge

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         " God is God no one else can be God "

         God is a divine entity who, from the time of creation till today, is like subtlest divine molecule, Atom, shinning just like a Diamond particle and Existing permanently fixed beyond its divine latitude.

          In the beginning of the creation of the Shristi God Himself creates an Adhi God, Who is known by the name of Formated God, having completely all the divine Qualities of Adhi God just like Himself.

        This Adhi Ishwer, The Formated God later on become incarnated and creates the creation of Trimurti God including His Triguni Maya, Who creates this beautiful Shristi and remains present in the Beginning, End and in the middle of all the three Stages till Mahaperlaya.

          Lord Shree Krishna was the incarnation of this Adhi Ishwar " The Formated God " Lord NARAYANA. In Dawapar-Yuge as per His Statement He appears again and again between us in this beautiful Shristi and Who is present among all of us in this beautiful Shristi in His Wonderful Divine Mohini Form .....       " MANUSHOM-ROOP " and have appeared.

           Lord Shri Krishna was the incarnation of the Adhi Lord God, Lord NARAYANA in  Dwapara-yuga

          Lord Shree Krishna had the divine Lord NARAYANA's body whereas Lord Narayana Himself was the incarnation of the Supreme Divine Soul. Thus Lord Krishna was an Avatar and was also an Incarnation "Avtari" and was full of Divinity in every way in every Era

                                Das Anudas Rohtas




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