Wednesday, July 24, 2019


   Shristi Chakra through Viveka Power

                     Srishti Chakra
                       Black Hole 
            Live alive in all three stages Originator (Creator), Operater & Distroyer in every Era.
                Circulation of the Shristi's Solar System depends upon the Black Hole. It's circulate is like a Galaxy.  Black Hole is The Cause of Creation.

1.    First of all there become the pressure of Gravity powers & then there is a great blast in Black Hole, in universe & appeared a brilliant Supreme Divine Tatav which established on the upper place in Universe and become the beginning of the flow of creation of this wonderful beautiful Shristi.

2.     Circulating the whole Solar Systems and operated the whole Shristies in Shristi

3.     At last, Coach all our the Cyclone

Shristi Chakra realization during meditation at 02 to o3 am on 4-12-19

Mahakaal Perbhu Realised
During Meditation

                          Das Anudas Rohtas

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