Wednesday, August 15, 2018


   Global Warming & Atom Activation
                  in Divine Space "IDU"

           On the special Grace of God, We observe Supreme Atom, during meditation in the Space as we Show in No - 7, like a smallest & brilliant Star very clearly.

                          *  ATOM  *


        Das Anudas Atom's Avatar Rohtas
    Re Atom activation during meditation
                           Given below

8.                   Realization Hydrogen Atom's orbitals, electron wave during meditation at 4-00 am on 21-8-18 giving below in image in bedroom.

9. Realization in meditation Waves of Atoms


                        N+P+E................ H 


10.  " ATOM  SELF "  in motion, coming down. A divine observation in meditation                                                

11. Now here is SUPREME TATAV Supreme Soul completely Divine like a brilliant & "sparking" Star and Super-Diamond.
*Divinity is here*


What a wonderful Supreme Atom's activation- realization in Space during meditation divinely.

Scientifically and Spiritually both Soul, आत्म and Atom's activation seems equal in realization during meditation in internal divine Universe as showing above.

आत्म - Atom
अध्यन + आत्म 
आत्मिक बोध
जय श्री कृष्णा  जय श्री राम
जय हिन्द जय भारत
Om Namo Narayana
ॐ तत् सत्
It cause of global warming

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