Tuesday, August 9, 2016

* TATAV - JOURNEY * SHRISTI CHAKRA * आत्मिक-आवागमन *


                Through this beautiful Scientific video, Tatav Journey and Shristi Chakra both are shown Systematiculy, Practicaly, Geomatricaly by Shirazia Ji, in this Physical World. We realize Spiritualy very clearly in Internal Divine Universe this Divine Realization Anshik Tatav Journey and Shristi Chakra or you can say it Anshik Divine Soul Journey running towards us with her Shuksham Sarira very speedily. How a Soul circulating Systematiculy in this beautiful Shristi of a Yogi Purush, Divya Purush or a Avtari Purush and take place back His position in her Origional Spiritual body ( Shristi)  after some time at 11-15 am, on 7-8-2016 in our Inner Wonderful, Divine, Spiritual World.

                               * आत्मिक - आवागमन *

                                    Das Anudas Rohtas

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