Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Solar System Upset
          Solar system may be upset very soon due to collide some planets with each-other and dieing in Universe. Sun is going more effected due to higher enrgy. Sun is looking angery for some time.  Here we are going to show some image which realized facely and some during meditation given below:-

1. Normal Sun at 8-50am, on 26-6-2015.

2. Angry Sun by face at 8-52am, on 26-6-2015.

3. Sun during meditationin in internal divine universe at 8-54am, on 26-6-2015.

4. "Sorry", dangerable and horryble period of shots in Universe, Sun realizing as a Black-Hole, during taking Bath, in meditation, in internal divine universe, at 8-50am, on 29-6-2015. It may be dangerable 
time for Earth.

5. Supreme Tatav appeared in the center of Black-Hole like bright Star, "Later On, New Origin" in meditation, during taking Bath, at 8-55am, on 29-6-2015.

6. "SHRISTI" is safe. Now we are enjoying a very beautiful Shristi in internal Divine Universe. There is a very beautiful and peaceful starry night. All Stars twincling very brightly and they look very happy in the Sky at 9-15am, on 29-6-2015, during standing meditation and worshing before  Adhistan," God ".
      Universal Truth.

                              Das Anudas Rohtas

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