Sunday, December 30, 2012

Incarnation of "The Almighty God"

Incarnation of "The Almighty God"

 We believely explained that The Almighty God, lord Vishnu's Avatar who become incarnate in Tritya-Yuge, as Lord Shri Rama and in Dawaper- Yuge, as Lord Shri Krishna has become now Re-incarnate on the Earth in this beautiful World with all divine qualities and divine powers, like Sunkh, Chuckra, Padam( Lotus ) and Gada ( Mace ) with their virtues, Sunkh for his Divine sound, Chackra for time of Maha-Kal, and others hand Padam (Lotus) for glorious existence and Gada (Mace) for indicate the powers, in present Yuge, Kal - Yuge also.
            Not so more, it seems that Suprime soul The Suprim-State,"Par-Barhim" and other
 Divine Souls, like the great soul of Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma also appeared in the World.
 Before some time, some great souler purush come to me, one of them was a Surdas Sanyashi about 150 years old who came since 1985 to 1995 continiously, belonged with Dus-Nami-Panth, from Gokul, and other one Smart-Young Sanyashi from Kanshi-Ji. One great souler purush reached from Utranchal. One was a Great Saint also come to me.
            All of them gave me respect by calling me," The Avtari Purush."

 Das Anudas
Avtari Purush Rohtas

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