Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The Almighty God
The Formatted God ‘Adhi-Deva’
Almighty God’s Divine Powers

The Universal truth, about Almighty God is that God is one all over the World and Universe and Incarnated automatically with all His Divine powers and Divine virtues, as a minor central point of the power ”Bindu” like a Brilliant Star “Nir-Akara” without any name, shape, and form. Almighty God Himself formatted a divine body of a divine purusha “Adhi-Deva” in the beginning of the Srishty and that Divine Personality only takes place as an Avatara on the earth in this world at the end of the Yuga as the Formatted God, called by name first of all Lord Brahma, secondly as Lord Vishnu, and thirdly as Lord Shiva and lives forever in this world and universe till Maha-Parlaya.
Some people want to see Him with their Natural Physical Eyes but it is Impossible. At the end of the Yuga, when Almighty God’s formatted Divine body of Adhi-Deva take place in this world as an Avtara Purusha, like in Dawaper-Yuga Lord Shire Krishna and in Treta-Yuga Lord Shire Rama or in this span of time Kalyuga, Lord Shri Vishnu’s Avatar Kalki expected in the Indian Spiritual literature Vishnu Puranam. Only these Avatara Purusha can observe that personality of Almighty God, Adhi-Deva after blessing by God.
For example:  No body can observe God and His divine powers, as you can not see electric waves or power in the wires of metal, but, you can only realize its power after touching with your body. Similarly, you can not observe God or Almighty God or the Formatted God, Adhi-Deva and Their Divine powers with your open eyes. Almighty God with the help of all these systematically disciplined divine powers, can appear every where, all over the external and internal Universe and all over the World, at the same time, but only a Divya Purusha, Avatari Purusha or a Poorna Yogi Purusha can observe Him, with the help of their Divine open Eyes in this physical world or with Divine Third Eye during meditation in the Inner World and internal Universe for a few minutes.
                                                                Param Kripa Paatra
                                                Das Anudas Rohtas

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