Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Kalki Avatar
Kalki Avatar in India
Image for Lord Vishnu's Avatar Kalki

                 In the Honor of Lord Shree Kalki Avatar I want to give some of my views in description shortly. After a million of years of Maha-Parlaya there become Incarnated automatically two things one is Chetann-Tatav as a Supreme Power "Divine Dot" and other is "Ring" Nature as  physical World, ’Shirishty’  and then Incarnated there all kind of Planets and this beautiful Earth. In the beginning of this beautiful Shirishty, Supreme  power Incarnated automatically  like a brilliant star and Diamond, as "The Almighty God" and format Himself as a divine immortal body of Purushtama Purusha, ‘Adhi-God ’. This divine body live forever in this beautiful world and Universe in all of the,’ YUGA-Yuganter’ till come of Maha-Parlaya, but no body can realize Him, only some Divine purush, Yogi purush or Avatari purush can observe Him with the help of their Divine Third Eye.
                This divine body of The Almighty God never takes birth in this world but entrance, and become incarnated and takes place in the body of a Puran Yogi Purush or any Mahapurusha. In Treta Yuga, The Almighty God, " as a Divine Power " obtained the body of Lord Shree Rama and in Dawaper Yuga obtained the body of Lord Shree Krishna. Lord Shree Krishna also has explained already in His sweet song in Shree Madbhagwat Gita’s Adhyan-4 and Slock’s-7-8,  that whenever evils and sins increase on the earth I become Incarnated on the earth at that time so as to destruct all these evils, creatures and construct the Religion, Truth and peace again and again in this World.

                Believably, I explain that once upon a time The Almighty God had appeared in my bed room in His beautiful Original divine Sakkara Form of human,"Manusham-Roopam" in Shakshatkar and stay with me for few minutes at 9-17 pm, in 1996 and disappeared after blessing me. Secondly He Incarnated in His divine body,"Adhi-Deva" and thirdly He Incarnated in His divine dark black image of the,"Maha-Kala-Perbhu". It seems that Almighty God will appear very soon in His original form of Lord Shree Kalki "Avatara” between us in this world and in this yuga "Kal-yuga".This Image of Kalki Avatara, showing divine form and His special divine qualities and powers, is my personal realization and imagination only. 
     Super Blesser of The Almighty God
                                  Das Anudas Rohtas


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