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🌴💐🌾 All kinds of Shristies are Automatically, Systematically & Divinely beginningless flow of creation of the God 🌾💐🌴

All kinds of Shristies are Automatically, Systematically & Divinely beginningless flow of creation of the God

                When any living being does Devotion of God, then Tatav (Soul) is free from the disorders, i.e. when it is beyond its qualities being "Gunateet" then the living being gets connected directly with Supreme Divine Tatav 'God' this is the Cycle of Shristi's creation.

Realized Divine Forms of God:---

              1.  Silent, Consciousnes, (Chatten-Tatav)             

2.  Perkash Roop.                                

  3.  🌲 Divine Power Viveka 🌲is        
            Base of the Shiristi, Realized at
               3-am on 4-1-24. It known as                        Gravity Power and Ring Power,
                During Meditation, We have                        experienced the Shristi Chakra,                  rotating through the divine                         power discrimination "VIVEKA"
            in the divine subtle Universe, 
               which is located into the middle of our Bhirkuti a mine 
               " hair's Roame.".                
* ॐ तत्त् सत्त् *


4.  Supreme Divine Tatav, Atom, 
  Supreme God, (Ishwer, Perbrhim) & Shristi Chakra Viveka is its power
  Supreme + Chaitanya

    5.  Aadhi God Tatav + Gravity Power

6.  Atom activation of Tatav 'God'. 

7.  All Tatavs:--                                    
      Awal   Allaah   Noor  Upaiyo
          Kudrat De Sab Bandhey,   
       Ake Noor Tiyon Sub Jug upjiyo
          Kaun bhalo Kaun Mandho

8.  Adhi-Sathan, God.                        

9.  Perbh-Jiyot.                                     

10.  Three-Murti Lord God & powers

!  Brham Suter Vayu (Air)                    
!!  Peram Suter Atom & (Sudershan)   
  !!!  Shiv Suter water (H²/O=water)           

  11.  Suksham Sarira (Virtuous Body)

12.  Lord Mumukshu & Punch-Bhoot

13.  Lord God  " Narayana "              

14.  Lord Krishna                                

15.  Incarnated Supreme Divine     
 Soul of Lord God 

16.  Param Kripa Patra Rohtas                

          Chaitanyamaya Avatar Rohtas            

                       (Brhim Sahinta-- 5.33)

  Grace of God is very compulsory.     

There is only....  Hydrozen, Oxizen & Gravity power, Nuclear (Electron) as a     " Chatten Tatav "
After million of years there appeared some Moment in this silent Universe and then there appeared through Viveka an incident and now there was a great Blast ........& appeared just like a Brilliant-Star into Galaxy & stabled on its attitude in Shristi.
    There is two things in creation 
                        * Shristi *
" Supreme Divine Tatav + Nature "

1.  Shristi Just like water &
 water = Hydrozen + Oxizen = (Nature)

2.  Neutrons + protons + Electron's
= Supreme Divine Atom + Divinity,
   ( Supreme divine Tatav " Soul " )

             CIRCLE of SHRISTI
 Physical World  & Divine Tatav

Zeero       Creation       स्थूल सृष्टि

            " Human Body "        Creatures         सूक्ष्म सृष्टि

सृष्टि माला कार है,   सूत्र राम अशोक,
सभी पिरोये शोभते इसमें सुन्दर लोक।

(परम भक्त जनों देखो.....उपरोक्त्त् एक दूसरे के क्रमश: एक सूत्र में पिरोय जाने पर कितने सुन्दर लग रहें है....देखो तो ) ...जय श्री राम
                                  * राम राम  राम राम *

                  * जेडा ब्रह्मंडे सो ही पिंडे *....Nanak dev

       Chaitanyamaya Lord Ishwer's Avatar Rohtas 

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