Friday, September 15, 2017

Question is Soul are Limited or Unlimited

 Question by Anoop Kumar on adhyatemik Sager Question Answer, Shanka- Samadhan ----Face-Book
 **** Souls are Limited or Unlimited, and  Whome soul take re-birth in the World*** ?

Answer by Rohtas :---

Jai Shree Krishna Ji
1. Superior Suprem Soul, is one
2.  Supreme Soul Lord is One,
3.  Daties Souls are Limited
4. Virtuous souls Jiwattama are Unlimited in many kind of bodies of creatures in this Wnderful and beautiful creation, in Shristi of The Almighty God.
And all these unlimited Jiwattamas take Re-Birth again and again due to their's Karams (Fruit of Actions) on this Holy-Earth.

                                  Das Anudas Rohtas

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