Friday, September 15, 2017

Question is Soul are Limited or Unlimited

 Question by Anoop Kumar on adhyatemik Sager.   Question Answer, Shanka- Samadhan ------------Face-Book:---

******** Souls are Limited or Unlimited, and  Whome soul take re-birth in the World*** ?

Answer by Rohtas :---

    Jai Shree Krishna Ji

1. Superior Suprem Soul, is one
2. Formatted God's Supreme Soul is One
3. Supreme Soul Aadhi-God's Soul is one
4.  Supreme Soul Lord Trimurti God's Soul is           also One,
5.  Daties Souls are Limited
6. While Virtuous souls, Jiwattama's are Unlimited in many kind of human's & creature's bodies in this Wonderful and beautiful Shristi created by The Almighty God.

         And all these unlimited (Shristies ) Jiwattamas take Re-Birth again and again due to their's Karams (Fruit of Actions) on this Holy-Earth in this beautiful Divine Shristi.

                                  Das Anudas Rohtas

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