Sunday, January 29, 2023

* God is Sawyambhu *


    God is Sawyambhu " स्वयम्भू: "

               * Means who get Manifested its own *

                     " And Creation of the shristi is 

                         also get manifisted its own. "

God is Immortal. Who never comes in the Cycle of Birth and Death like Humans.

            As we all know that there is a law-ordered divine creation of creation and all living beings are subordinated to the natural reproduction process, in this wonderful world, according to the orderly creation of beautiful creation, according to the mode of movement, normally from the sacred womb of the mother. They adopt the body they were born with. Be it Lord Krishna, be it Lord Sri Ram, be it Lord Sri Buddha, be it Lord Sri Yashu, all through a normal procreative process, from the sacred womb of the mother, according to the law of nature, the sacred divine womb of the physical body.

        Keep in mind that Aadi Divya Shakti
" Supreme Power God " never takes birth out of mother's Womb, becomes incarnated in the Divine Sukshom holly body .

           Age after age, whenever God creates His divine Leela to play in this beautiful Shristi, then all the incarnation activities, which we have shown Just like in the Mumukshu Avtar, are completed and the devotional divine body received from the sacred womb of the mother is eligible. He adopts the form and incarnates with all the divine powers, full of all divine virtues. And now God has appeared in this beautiful creation, according to His statement giving in Dawaper-Yuga.

   Que:-------  Does God takes Birth ?

1  Vedas say that God does not tske Birth

11  Bhagavadgita says God take Birth


              * Some words dedicating to God *

 Answer by Rohtas:--

                           * Spiritual Truth *

           All living being, according to the Rule of Nature take the body from the  Womb of the Mother.
           But the Lord God, controlling His Nature, incarnates in this Holy Body's Sukshom Sarira through His Yog-Maya.

                 Chaitanyamaya Avatar Rohtas

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