Sunday, October 11, 2020

Divine Star Leela Realization in Space

 Divine Star Leela realization during meditation in internal divine universe at

 1-00 to 1-30 am, " it may be Star's made ring dew to gravity power or cyclone in divine space, in internal divine Space "

1. Divine Space 2. Stars made Ring 3. one & half ring 4. Half round Ring 5. Again stars made ring 6. There may be brilliant star or a Atom's huge Light, in divine Space, as showing below.

Showing black hole by any divine soul

See......" This is Black Hole in Front "

Similar Experience

          Divine realization during meditation in inner divine Space

                 Divine realization during meditation, It seems, It may be planets dim

             Divine realization in meditation It may be Black Hole's waves

Black hole waves in I D U

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