Friday, June 12, 2020

Realized Stir in Galaxy during meditation

   Secular Realization during Meditation
                      Stir in Galaxy
                  Feel Stir in Galaxy during meditation at 6-40 am, on 10-6-2020 very clearly . We are very thankful and thank God millions of time

   Universal Truth

   Thanks God..........Yet.............Safe


   !. Clock wise.                                      
 !!. Anti Clock Wise.                            
    !!!. Stir in Galaxy.                                        !!!!. Appeared Supreme Tatav "God".   
       V. Now Normal.           

Sharing Fleeting Thoughts:---------                    
       The Supreme Soul, ' God ' is fleeting and can appeared in moment wherever
 He wants.                                                     

          * Om Tat Sat *         
Observe Special Three Divine Brilliant Star in Space Space or other any thing, N---to--S and movement in planets

Astroid in Space during meditation

             Das Anudas Rohtas

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