Friday, March 22, 2013

* Special Divine Qualities Of Tatav *

              There are some special divine qualities of Tatav which are mentioned under like this :---
1 Tatav is the Main Base of Shristi.
2 Tatav is Immortal.
3 Tatav is Suprime in all kind of Tatav.
4 Tatav is Suprime in all kind of Elements.
5 Tatav is Suprime Soul.
6 Tatav is Suprime Power.
7 Tatav is Suprime God.
8 Tatav is Param Tatav.
9 Tatav is Permashwer.
10 Tatav is biginingless.
11 Tatav is Endless.
12 Tatav is Glorious.
13 Tatav is Totaly Divine.
14 Tatav is Automaticaly Origin.
15 Tata is Chettan Tatav.
16 Tatav is Brillient Tatav.
17 Tatav is Anshik Tatav.
18 Tatav is Miner Tatav.
19 Tatav is Biggest Tatav.o
20 Tatav is Holly Tatav.
21 Tatav is a Systematicaly and           automaticaly Divine origin in      Universe.
22 Tatav can appeared in a moment.
23 Tatav cna disappeared in a moent.
24 Tatav can Formated His Form          (roop) as He wants.
25 Tatav is the Owner of Viveka a Special Divine Power.
26 Tatav has main controlling power.
27 Tatav is Nirakara.
28 Tatav is Crystalise of all Divine Tatavs and Elements in universe and in all Loaks.
29 Tatav is Puran.
30 Tatav is Visesh Tatav.
31 Tatav is Sesh.
32 Tatav also lieves Anshikly in all creature in all Shristies Thal-Char, Jal-Char, Nabh-Char in the World.
33 Tatav is Kaaran.
34 Tatav is Suksham.
35 Tatav is Suprime Light.
36 Tatav is everywhere.
37 Tatav is all in all
38 Tatav is Highest.
39 Tatav is Apara.
40 Tatav is Amar.
41 Tatav is Ajar.
42 Tatav is Trimurti.
43 Tatav is Ak-Onkar.
44 Tatav is Dev Adi-Dev ( Adi-God ).
45 Tatav is Formated God.
46 Tatav is Guna-Atita( Virtueless ).
47 Tatav is Parmatama.
48 Tatav is enlightening the whole world and Universe.
49 Tatav is enlightening all Loaks and Shristi.
50 Tatav is, The Almighty God.
51  " TATAV  IS  GOD ".

                        Das Anudas
                        Barham Gayani Rohtas.

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