Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kalgi Avatar

Kalgi Avatar
Kalgi Avatar in India
Image for Kalgi Avtara
Mumukshu Avatar

Das Anudas Rohtas is going to show with the help of this beautiful and attractive divine image of Puran Yogi Purush  Avatar Kalgi, in which you can find the importance of Divine Tooriya Kirya in the lives of Yogi Purush, Divya Purush and an Avtari Purush. Through divine Tooriya Kirya they can enjoy their pasture physical world life. They can realize the Avatara Purusha as Lord Shri Krishna, Lord Shri Rama and other Great Souls of Divya Purusha, Yogi Purusha and divine Powers of the old Yooga’s in there internal Divine-Universe.
Super Blesser of God
Das Anudas Rohtas

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